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Way Basics Stackable Eco Rectangle Shelf Shoe Overview:

Way Basics The Rectangle is yet another modular design in the Way Basics family. It builds on the strong foundation of simplicity and style. Taking a cue from our cube the Rectangle stretches things out to add some more space to the equation. Stackable and modern the Rectangle can fit on top of a desk or stack in groups. It is perfect for a bedroom or laundry room. You can even use it in a linen closet anywhere you need the extra organization. Lightweight and durable the Rectangle is made from eco-friendly zBoard. It is also easy to assemble requiring no tools. Exterior Depth: 11.2 inches Exterior Width: 22.8 inches Exterior Height: 15.5 inches Interior Depth: 10.7 inches Interior Width: 21.3 inches Interior Height: 13.9 inches Product is made from non-toxic zBoard paperboard. Must be used right side up as shown not on its side or back. Lifetime Guarantee. Way Basics Stackable Eco Rectangle Shelf