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TreeKeeper Santas Wrapping Paper Storage Tube Overview:

TreeKeeper Santas Storing all your wrapping paper from Christmas Birthdays and other occasions can be difficult. Simply placing your rolls in storage can lead to them getting lost forgotten smashed or otherwise damaged. The Wrapping Paper Storage Bag helps with all these issues. The bag can fit twelve or more 40? paper rolls which can be viewed through the large plastic windows on top and around the bag eliminating the guessing game of what?s inside the bag. No matter how many rolls you manage to fit in the bag the reinforced handles can easily manage the weight. This bag is a low-cost solution to throwing your wrapping paper out every year and can be especially helpful if you buy your wrapping paper on clearance after Christmas is over and need a place to store it for the rest of the year. Keep your wrapping paper for all occasions visible and safe in this Wrapping Paper Storage Bag. TreeKeeper Santas Wrapping Paper Storage Tube