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Stalwart Fingerprint Digital Steel Safe – Black Overview:

Stalwart Fingerprint Secure your most valuable documents and possessions with the Electronic Fingerprint Safe by Stalwart. The interior of this strongbox is large enough to store anything from passports and other important documents to jewelry and handguns. The keypad is powered by the included 4-AA batteries and can be programmed to accept a 3 to 8-digit pin code. The biometric reader provides an extra layer of security and can store up to 32 fingerprints. You can program multiple angles of your fingerprints for quick and guaranteed access or the fingerprints of trusted individuals to access the safe in case of emergency. There are also 2 manual override keys included with this safe for emergency access. The included hardware makes it possible to secure this locker to either the floor or wall ensuring that the safe cant be stolen and opened elsewhere. The safe is small enough to store in a closet making it great for college students to store important paperwork and extra cash worry free. The cold-rolled steel walls provide ample protection for all your valuables. Stalwart Fingerprint Digital Steel Safe –