Quincy Quincy Rug Quincy Rug Taupe

Cheap Quincy Rug – Taupe (8X10) – Safavieh


Quincy Rug – Taupe (8X10) – Safavieh Overview:

Quincy Rug Quincy Shag Rugs impart a breezy Left Coast-cool vibe throughout room decor. These plush pile shags are made using high-quality synthetic yarns in creating the luxurious textures and vivid hues displayed in this collection. This vibrant shag captures west coast style with brilliant color and flowing texture. Power-loomed using durable synthetic yarns for easy maintenance and west coast beauty for years to come. Quincy shags are a smart choice for adding flowing dimension and a splash of color to contemporary decor country-chic rooms and larger living areas.? Size: 8X10. Color: Taupe. Pattern: Solid. Quincy Rug – Taupe (8X10) –