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MAM Fast Flow Silicone Nipples 4+ Months Overview:

MAM Fast MAMs SkinSoft textured surface and flat shape fits perfectly in babys mouth making them the ideal bottle nipple for breastfed babies. The SkinSoft textured nipple is accepted by 94percent of babies* and is designed to mimic mothers breast providing baby with a seamless back-and-forth transition from breast to bottle. The ultra-soft and patented silicone surface of the nipple feels natural to baby allowing for easy latching and decreased nipple confusion. MAM bottle nipples are available in four different sizes that are interchangeable in order to accommodate babys drinking needs at every stage: slow flow (1) medium flow (2) fast flow (3) and extra fast flow (4). *Market research 2009-2017 tested with 1508 babies. MAM Fast Flow Silicone Nipples 4+