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Kenroy Home Inspired by futuristic science fiction movies the Slide Desk Lamp encompasses the style tone and sleekness of a modern art piece created in the distant future. Standing – or better yet elegantly arching at 13 inches in height this contemporary styled desk lamp finished in matte black carries a much sought after dark and mysterious vibe. With futuristic style comes futuristic technology? the Slide Desk Lamp is powered by three (3) cool and vivid 1-Watt LED bulbs these energy efficient beacons of light will remain bright and crisp through 20 years of use. Adding an extra layer of modern chic is the metallic dimmer switch found at the base of this contemporary desk lamp? while Slide is in the off position a glowing blue halo glows around the dimmer button…presenting an irresistible urge to turn on this sculpted art inspired desk lamp. Kenroy Home Desk Lamp Black –