12 12 Pack 12 Pack Bed Bug

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12 Pack Bed Bug Monitor Traps and Overview:

12 Pack A bed bug monitor will keep your bedroom free of those pesky critters. Each pack of 12 repels those irritating bugs bringing you peace of mind. Its a great way to eliminate unwanted insects from your room. Bed Bug ALERT monitors attract and detect bed bugs from anywhere they are a concern – between mattresses or under beds inside luggage on floors inside offices hospital waiting rooms on the bus or anywhere else. Discreet bed bug traps contain powerful chemical lures that entice bed bugs to enter where they quickly be entrapped in its sticky surface. The sturdy plastic casing prevents users from having to touch the chemicals or insects. The patented housing is tamper-proof and safe around children and pets and the monitor has a clear view window to check to see if bed bugs have been detected or trapped. 12 Pack Bed Bug Monitor Traps